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Any images you see on this site can be purchased in a variety of sizes and printed on multiple mediums including paper, canvas, and many other products. For prints, I am happy to provide matting and framing as well, if desired. For some of the specialty products I do use a couple of different printing companies. It is very important to me that the images I am selling are of the highest quality so all the materials used are of professional, archival quality. Prices will vary depending on the size, medium, and the size of the order. If you are interested in ordering any of the images on this site please email me and I will work with you individually to ensure that you receive a product that you are satisfied with:


Shipping and packaging can be done by any speed or company and you will only be charged what it costs me to ship from New Jersey. Payments can be made either by check (though this method is slower as I must wait for the check before preparing the order) or by PayPal (click here for more information on PayPal). If you choose to pay by this method I will provide you a link from my website that will allow you to make this payment. Still have questions or would like more information about a specific product? Please email me!


As mentioned I offer many different types of products for my images. For prints I offer paper or canvas prints. Paper prints can be on matte or luster paper and can be framed and matted as desired. Prints can range anywhere from 5” x 7” for a standard size photograph to 20” x 30”. Square and panoramic images will have different sizes but pricing will be fairly comparable. Canvas can be framed as well if desired or it can be wrapped around the canvas boards it is stretched on for a beautiful modern look where the image actually flows onto the sides of the mounting (see image at right). Canvas is more expensive to print on than paper so prices will tend to be marginally higher. Below is a sample price list to give you an idea of what the cost might be for a single image. Framing prices are based on a simple but elegant metal frame with glass, double matted. Other frames can also be ordered at varying prices.

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Besides actual prints there are many other types of products available that can make for beautiful decorations or gifts. Some work better for horizontal images, others better for vertical, or square. If any image would need to be cropped to fit on the product you are looking for I will show you a cropped version of the image before you buy to ensure it meets your satisfaction. I can also include customizing on such items such as a message for a gift. Some of these products are:

Note Cards


Mouse Pads

A set of 6 all individually packaged and printed on archival quality photo cards. Envelopes included. ($15 for a set of 6--either of one image or a theme, $19 customized)

Choose any 12 images and make a beautiful landscape calendar of your favorite images to enjoy for the whole year. Even add your own messages below the images or holidays such as birthdays. ($29, $39 customized)

Mouse Pads measure 9 x 7.75 inches, so your mouse has room to move. It's made of high-density neoprene with a linen cover that won't let the mouse skip. It's easy to clean, with stain resistant finish. Colors are not as accurate as with prints or other products with hard surfaces. ($15, $19 customized)


Keepsake Boxes


These ceramic mugs are durable and dishwasher safe. They come in two sizes--11 oz in either black or white and 15 oz in white only. Image can be facing you when holding the mug in right hand or left or, for panoramic images, wrap around the whole mug (Small: $17, $27 customized, Large: $19, $29 customized)

Beautiful boxes made of solid wood, polished to a gorgeous shine. They have a cherry finish and a soft and velvety cream-colored interior. Box dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.25" high. ($49, $59 customized)

Durable, hard and glossy surface with cork back. Coasters come in sets of 4 and measure 3.75 x 3.75 inches. They're slightly more than 1/8th inch thick. Coasters have good color reproduction, but not as accurate as photographic prints. ($29, $39 customized)

Playing Cards


Tote Bags

High-quality laminated poker deck. Finished size is 2.5" by 3.5". Playing cards have excellent color reproduction. Each deck comes in a sturdy clear plastic case. ($29, $39 customized)

Want to have a little fun with a favorite image? These 252-piece puzzles measure 14 inches by 10 inches and have a glossy finish. They come in a black box with a 5 x 7 print of the image on top of the box. Box measures 5.625" x 7.625" x 1.2". Color reproduction is excellent. ($39, $49 customized)

Photo tote bags are made from sturdy white canvas with navy blue bottom and straps. They are 14 inches deep by 19 inches wide. The image is printed on the front pocket and measures approximately 7 inches wide by 5 inches high on the bag. Photo reproduction is good but not as accurate as photographic prints. ($39, $49 customized)

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